Tuesday, August 19

Attempted Catch Up

Avery is napping; I just built a big tent in the living room for Jordyn, Ashtyn, and their cousin, Liz, to keep them busy; and I am sitting down with my Diet Dr. Pepper to play catch up on the last couple of weeks I've missed blogging. But wait-I just remember that Jim has taken the camera to Washington D.C. (yes his travels have started up again-WAHHHH) with him this week, and I haven't downloaded any pictures since my last few posts. Since I hate to post without pictures, I'll have to postpone this 'til next week. But I will give you a sneak peak as to what the topics will be:

  • Swimming Lessons
  • Horse's new home
  • Ashtyn's first "lost tooth" and first "pulled tooth"
  • Christine's Stomach Bug
  • Christine's New Truck (bye, bye Yukon)
  • House for Sale (WAHHHHHH)
  • My Mom's Hawaiin Luau
  • School Supply Shopping (Hannah Montana anyone?)
  • Christine's New Job
  • Jim's sister's Jackson Wedding Adventure

I'm sure several of these topics are making you think "what the h..."; they are making me think the same thing. We've had quite a few changes these last couple of weeks, and I've been in a somewhat humble, depressed mood (thus the no blogging). But after a good dose of self-pity and a few swallows of pride, I'm happy with the decisions we've made and have a good attitude as to what lies ahead. As for now, even though I hate doing this because I don't like pressuring people to comment, I'm going to leave you with the "memory game" you've probably seen floating around blogs recently. I need a little "pick-me-up" and think your memories are just what I need (since this Diet Dr. Pepper doesn't seem to be working!).

So come on everybody, share the good, the bad, and even the ugly. I've had three babies- what else can you expose that will leave me more "naked"?

1. Leave a memory that you and I had together, as a comment on my blog. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!


Amberlee said...

Sounds like you've been WAY busy! Well- I was thinking about last Halloween and Jim's awesome patient costume and how hard we all laughed! Good times....

Dabell Family said...

I have been wondering where you have been the last little while...sounds like you have lots to catch up on! Memeories Memories, I have lots of them but I'd say one of the funnest things we did together was when you and I went to Utah for a weekend, it was lots of fun!

L.G. Fife said...

I have lots of fun times with you- but the one that comes to mind is the time Nate,Jason and I came up for a visit and we went to dinner and bowling? We watched videos and had a great time playing spoons(cards)I can't wait to hear about what you have been up to

Becca and Jared Anderson said...

I remember v-ball trips. One time at volleyball one of your eyes was really red---I can't remember why, and you kept walking around to everyone batting your eyelashes and saying, "How do you like my eyes? I have really pretty eyes huh?" So hysterical. It is cracking me up right now---lol---
I luv ya :)

C H R I S T I N E said...

Wow..I can't wait to hear about all those life changing events!

Memory: You and Ashtyn singing Keith Urban together when she was like 2. She knew every word and it was so cute.

Another memory is all your amazing YW lessons...they always touched me. You are such a talented teacher.

Britney said...

It was fun to talk to you yesterday!
Memories - I have so many to choose from. Here are a few...spying(which time?), driving in Betty/saturn/escort, World War 3 at Katie's house, candy bars in spanish, sleeping in the hammock, sleeping on the tramp, you falling up the stairs, eating at your house, Higbee Street(remember?), gigantic spider in your bed - calling Cam, eating at the restaurant after hours, Celine Dion, laughing, crying, volleyball, basketball, BOYS! Maybe I should just write a book!

Good luck with everything!!
I love you!!

Lindsey said...

Well, well, the memories! Just to mention a few....Mmmm....student council, Moose and Beef, camo clothes and spying, Silver Barbie Dolls, O'Brady's, bus ride to State volleyball tourney, sneaking out of hotel at State volleyball, tourney, your crushes with nicknames (I mean, our crushes!), BOYS!, laughing, laughing, and like Brit said crying too. We should write a Silver Barbie Dolls book, what do you think Brit!
Chris, I love ya! And one day you'll get to see my house! haha Keep your chin up! Come over!

Sam and Mary said...

I remember we were playing a "I am thankful for..." game at Ben & Nakia's when you said you were thankful for throwing up your breakfast. You then announced the news that you were pregnant with Ashtyn! We were so excited for you!

Jennifer said...

Okay I love Britney and Lindsey's comments... so fun and I remember a lot of those too. We had so many great times in high school and thanks to you girls I actually had friends instead of being a loner new student! My memory is lacking right now, seeing how it is 2 in the morning and I am up watching the Olympics, but I remember our DRAMA with our b/f ALL the time. I remember wishing I played v-ball with you girls instead of cheering, but at least I got to come to the games. You are awesome and I can't wait to hear about all those subjects because I am thinking ... WHAT???

kim said...

I just came across your blog through Keri Picketts...I didn't know how freakin funny you were! I remember when you moved into the ward...I thought you were so pretty, and your girls so adorable! Someone told me that your husband is gone as much as mine is...let's get together! (If you wanna send me an email at kimberlysorenson@gmail.com, I'll send you an invite to my blog)...Take care! Kim Sorenson

Pickett Fences said...

Hey I feel like a bad neighbor for not being able to help you but I know how it is to want to be alone, especially with my kids always being over there. I remember when you guys first moved in and Ethan being so excited to have kids to play with and I was excited to have a friend of my own to play with. (ha ha) I hope you don't move but that is not very uplifting is it. You are great!

The Hammers said...

Hey! Okay, I finally remembered to add you to my blog stalkin' list. I keep checking up on you through everyone elses. I remember playing with you and Holly when we were little and coming over with Kinie when she'd hang out with Jennifer. I always thought you were so cute, still do. Have a good day Talk to you soon.

The Bunnell Fam said...


Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Your girls are beautiful!! I am so glad to develop friendships though blogging and will definitely keep up on you now! It has been fun getting to know people though blogging! I am sorry to hear you have been feeling a little down! I hope whatever it is you are going through will go better!:)

As for the memory. I was just thinking that I never saw you not smiling! You are one of those people who always have a smile on their face and always seem so happy! You have always been beautiful and still are!!


P.s. add me...I am going to add you!

holly said...

Wow, I love the memories. Of course student council is on the top of my list. Yellowstone and the hillarious group we had. I have a lot of childhood memories with you though that I love. Remember the big fights we use to have, remember the first time Vanessa kissed a boy on the playground, the dances in Ms. Newton's class, Jash and Damon being nice or rude depending on the day (boy could they dance) Remember the year end party at Meagn Johnson's house I remember a water fight and being teased because I didn't wear a bra yet. I was so blessed to have such great friends all my life. I loved elementary and all the fun friends we had, I always wished I lived on Michelle street you guys had so much fun over there - oh yea and trick or treating was the best on your street. Anyway thanks for sending me on a quick trip down elementary lane, that was fun.

Christina said...

You've got me so curious about all the events in your life. Hope things are going okay. Where are you working?

I laughed SO HARD at Becca's comment. Oh my gosh- I so remember that!! You are such a crack up! I noticed at volleyball last year that you are still the same cute little Christine I've always known you to be!