Tuesday, July 31

Why do I always think it is so much easier to haul my kids to McDonalds instead of making them a healthy lunch at home? Maybe it's the mere fact that I just need to get out more (hey-McDonalds counts). And why do I have such an addiction to salty fries? I've been eating them since I was pregnant with my first and haven't stopped. I think I just may have cured that with today's outing. My baby choked on one; my two-year-old stepped on a smashed one with bear feet; a little boy had two shoved up his nose; and they didn't even taste all that good today. Hurray! Now maybe I can lose that baby bulge I've had since my third (ok-my first). Oh wait-I also forgot the addiction to candy. Pray for bad experiences with candy the next few days!

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